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Chess in Primary Schools again

Chess is back in Primary Schools many years after it disappeared completely from the schools.

Many schools are now finding chess an …

Educational Research

By using chess as a component of reading, maths and science instruction, the learning effect is multiplied. Several researches ...

LogicNI in Libraries

As its title implies, the program is about teaching children through play in public libraries, where the environments are quiet and surrounded by books


Collaboration in Education SFW

LogicNI with our guest speakers is happy to host the Collaboration in Education SFW - Share `D FUTUR ook Workshop

The target group is school principals and teachers of pupils, of classes from kindergarten to lower secondary schools (age range: 4 to 15).

Our workshop includes guest speakers, Lego® in School session, and the Academy of Logical Thinking© session.

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Collaboration in Education SFW

28th February 2014

Collaboration in Education SFW

Collaboration in Education SFW Schedule