Resources for the Academic Community

Parents and Teachers

There are many factors contributing to any child`s success in school and life. Explore the many activities and resources that we offer for students and teachers. Try our free classroom resources now.

Maths Curriculum

We have listened to teachers, advisors and educational practitioners to provide you a comprehensive range of primary maths resources.

Science Curriculum

Build a solid science foundation for your elementary kids. LogicNI Scienece is an engaging science curriculum with hands-on activities based on the scientific methods.

Reading Curriculum

LogicNI Reading offers a wealth of reading strategies, lessons and activities designed to help young children learn how to read and read better.

Video Tutorials

Not everyone learns by reading books! Often the best way is to watch someone else first. Check out our collection of video tutorials.

Home Study

LogicNI Home Study is an opportunity to extend school activities at home, to involve parents in the learning process.  Learning resources and Curriculum materials for parents wishing to educate their children at  home.

Private Funding

We run a wide variety of national and international competitions and activities covering ages 4 to 11. Competitions are an excellent way of engaging students and adding extra excitement and provide wonderful opportunities for students to work together

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